Master of Public Administration at Kennesaw State University

Programs: MBA-MPA

A partnership between the Coles College of Business and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences offers qualified students the opportunity to concurrently pursue a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Public Administration. The programs are completed in 51 credit hours rather than the 72 hours that would be necessary if the degrees were pursued separately

The program consists of a minimum of 51 hours of graduate study of which 27 hours are in areas of Business Administration and 24 hours are in the areas of Masters of Public Administration. Additional credit hours may be taken depending on each student’s academic background or areas of concentration in the MBA-MPA Program.

Students are required to take the core courses from both the MBA and the MPA programs. Additionally, students must take at least two additional electives in the MBA curriculum (one of which must be focused on international issues) and at least one additional elective in the MPA curriculum. Students may also take additional classes to earn a MPA concentration in Governmental Administration, Nonprofit Administration, or Information Systems Administration.

  1. Core Courses (42 credits)

    MBA Core Curriculum (21 credits)

    Course Num Course Title Credit Hours
    ACCT 8000 Accounting Insights for Managers 3
    ECON 8010 Resource Allocation and Decision Analysis 3
    FIN 8020 Business Finance 3
    MGT 8040 Managing the Value Chain 3
    MGT 8050 Managing and Leading Work Behavior 3
    MKTG 8030 Strategic Marketing 3
    MGT 8999 Strategic Management 3

    MPA Core Curriculum (21 credits) *

    Course Num Course Title Credit Hours
    PAD 6200 Fundamentals of Public Administration and Public Service 3
    PAD 6250 Research Methods & Computer Applications 3
    PAD 6350 Public Service Budgeting 3
    PAD 6450 Governmental Relations 3
    PAD 6500
    PAD 6600
    Policy Analysis

    Program Evaluation
    PAD 6700 Human Resource Management in Public Service 3
    PAD 7985
    PAD 7995
    Internship in Public Service

    Public Service Practicum

  2. Electives (9 credits: 6 MBA, 3 MPA)

    Students are required to select and complete 9 credit hours of elective courses that best fit their career and personal goals. Six of the nine elective hours must be in MBA-related courses. The total MBA hours (core + elective) must total 27. The remaining three hours need to be MPA-related.

Tuition & Fees

Program Contact

Dr. David Shock
Assistant Chair, Department of Political Science and International Affairs

Claude Lévêque
Coordinator, Master of Business Administration Program