Master of Public Administration at Kennesaw State University

Programs: Overview

What is an MPA?

What is an MPA? MPA is a Master of Public Administration. Public Administration is both a field of practice and an academic discipline. It is government in action and, as a profession, involves the implementation of public policies, programs, and laws. As an academic discipline, it is the study of public institutions and their relationships with each other, and prepares public administrators for jobs at the frontline of diverse society. The goal of the field is to advance management and policies to enable government function efficiently and effectively.

Programs Offered

Kennesaw State University offers two MPA programs. The NASPAA accredited MPA program and the MBA-MPA dual degree program.

Mission Statement

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) is a professional degree that prepares students for administrative and leadership positions in governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations.


To be one of the leading MPA programs in the southeastern United States.

Student Information

Application Deadlines

  • Fall - July 1
  • Spring - November 1
  • Summer - April 1

Student Statistics

Average age 30. 60 applicants, 67% accepted, 34 enrolled.

Student Population

51 full-time (29 women), 58 part-time (40 women); includes 35 minority (31 African Americans, 4 Hispanic Americans), 7 international.